Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Post With A Ton Of S's

Today is the second day of Spring and we had snow. There was supposed to be this HUGE storm and there was supposed to be all this snow for the Snow Warrior's to plow.

Yes one of the local news stations calls snow plows Snow Warrior's.

Last time I checked this was NOT the Snow Belt.

I digress.

Socks were on the knitting menu for today. My original plan was to tackle the Toe Up Two at A Time pattern from Knit Picks. I read over the pattern and decided it did not strike my fancy. It's also devoid of helpful pictures. Yes I find progress pictures helpful.

E and I went to JoannETC this morning for size 3 circs for the Toe Up pattern. JoAnn's sells a very limited selection of knitting needles in their stores. That's a rant I'm just too tired to spew at the moment. I compromise with a 29 inch pair of size 3 circs.

After deciding to not try the Toe Up pattern I went googling for another sock pattern and found the Straight-Laced Socks over at Knitty. Cuff down on two circs, same size needle, pictures, we are good to go.


The 29" needles are way too long and the directions are just not enough for me to understand the whole two socks on two needles thing.

So I google and find Sheron Golidn's Sock Tutorial for two socks on circs. I even switched over to my 16" and 24" size 4 circs and still could not get it. I'm not ready.

I think what the heck why don't I try the Toe Up pattern.

Just not happening.

At this point I just want to knit socks. I consider Jaywalker. Great pattern, but I've knit one pair already and really don't want to knit another right now.

Back to Knitty. I decide to try out the Broadripple Socks pattern. I cast on and get to six rows on the cuff and decide you really need the sproininess of Cascade Fixation for the sock to fit right. The pattern looks very cool and after knitting in Calmer, which is supposed to have similar qualities to Fixation, I really want to try out Fixation.

But that is for another day.

Today I still want to cast on something.

So while E and I were reading books before tubby time I decided to do a Flower Basket Shawl test run with the sock yarn. So no socks right now. I'm going to frog the Broadripple bit and cast on FBS.

At least that's the plan...

...for now...

...it could change...

...much like Ohio weather...

...at any time.

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