Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Here is Kiri. I'm finished with four chart 2 repeats. So far no major mistakes requiring tinking! (knock on wood)

I've already mentioned the Roxy Lady. Want to see a super cool felted one with suede straps? Makes me want to go buy a pair of suede straps. Very cool.

I talked with my girlfriend Tracy yesterday. Turns out she really needs Shedir. She lost her hair last week. It's been nearly a year since her diagnosis and she just now lost her hair. She is both understandably upset yet amazingly upbeat about the loss. When you have lemons make lemonade. Or in her case, loose your hair? Get three new wigs, one nice and conservative, one frosted, and one long red one, hot! If you need a wig get at least one fun one. Anyway I'm hoping to see her in person in the next two weeks. We will be sure to get a fun picture of her in Shedir.

Sort of along the whole knitting for healing vein I found the Candle Flame Shawl pattern over at Bulldog Knits today. The Candle Flame Shawl looks so warm and comforting, like hundreds of flames giving off their warmth.

I'm not Catholic but I've been in my fair share of Catholic churches throughout my childhood. Remember the banks of little candles you would find usually in the Narthex that you could make a donation, say a prayer and light for someone? I don't know the technical name for them and I don't recall seeing them lately.

The Candle Flame Shawl reminds me of one of those banks of candles with all of their flickering flames. It's like a bunch of people thinking of the person wrapped up in the shawl. Many little prayers and thoughts of friends and family all massed together to bring comfort.

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