Monday, March 27, 2006


The Color Your Own dye job was dry this morning. Since I do not have a swift/ball winder I wound it by hand into a big ball. Overall I'm quite pleased with my first try at yarn dying with Koolaid.
I started Kiri tonight after dinner. It's a much easier knit then the FBS. The chart is much larger and easier to read. I find color coding charts to be a huge help. I think when I do decide to tackle FBS again I'll blow up the chart a bit and color code it, that should help me read it properly. At least I can hope.

I'm also making progress on the Om Ankle sock. At least I was making progress. I found a goof, in the heel of all places. It's a very silly goof. I'll frog it sometime soon.

In other news I finally mailed off a ton of pictures and thank you notes today. Wednesday is usually Anti-procrastination day with Flylady, but desperate times call for desperate measures so I made up a list and accomplished quite a bit. That helps when I'm feeling overwhelmed.


Sourire11 said...

That looks great! The dye your own turned out really nice… I may have to try the enlarging/color coding trick on my Adamas chart – I’ve definitely lost my place on it a few times!

I’ve been hoping to build up a Trading Spaces type reveal! – you know where you put the before and after shots next to each other and everything looks so much better? I’m not sure that will work in real life though…

Karen said...

Color coding helps so much. Anything to make reading a chart easier.

I'm excited to see the paint job. Paint makes such a big improvement. Looking forward to the pics.