Thursday, March 16, 2006

Template Tweaking

Now that I have the wig heads I went in search of natural light. I found a patch on the kitchen counter near the window.

The little hat photo session inspired me to change the color scheme from pink to purple. I've got just about everything changed but the little diamonds in the sidebar lists. I'm still not completely satisfied with the header, but I can keep looking for something better.

It was fun looking for html color codes and figuring out how to change the link colors. Who would have thought I would enjoy playing in code.


glenna <> said...

I love this beautiful hat. And it looks like it is in my "signature" color. hahaha Is it a pattern that you can share? Thanks, Glenna <><

Karen said...

Shedir is a free pattern from the Knitty Breast Cancer Awareness issue.


Brandi. said...

I love the hats, the heads, the natural light, and the new purple!