Thursday, March 16, 2006

Make Mine A Double

Double the number of beads for Crumpets...

While researching Crumpets I read that you want to string at least double the suggested number of beads. I'm knitting the size 4 so that's 135 beads according to the pattern. My gauge is pretty much on and I've decided to do 10 pattern repeats, so 10 bead rows with 27 beads per row.

That means I need 270 beads.

I strung well over 200 beads. To be honest I really did not keep very close track. I was stringing them in sets of 10 so I would have a ballpark idea of how many I strung on the yarn.

Want to know how many beads are strung on the yarn?

Go ahead and guess.

If you guessed 269 you would be correct.

One bead off.

So close!

It's not a big deal. I'm towards the end of the skein so I'll just carefully unwrap the skein and thread a bead from the tail end.

One little bead.

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