Sunday, April 09, 2006

Boy I'm Tired

I'm back from the whirlwind weekend. Never did get that code cleaned up. Oh well. Got some knitting done but not as much as hoped.

We were out of town to celebrate the life of my Step-Mother's Mom Ruth, see Dave's sister in her high school production of Bye,Bye Birdie, and see Tracy.

Ruth's memorial service was a lovely tribute to her full life of music, faith and service.

Bye, Bye Birdie was expectedly cheesy and fun. Katie did a great job.

We got to spend basically all afternoon with Tracy and her family. Shedir was a huge hit. Tracy said it is super soft on her bald head. She actually looks quite nice bald. I have some super pictures that I'll post later.

The other big highlight was showing Grandma Janette, yes that Grandma Janette, Crumpets and the Kiri Shawl. She was delighted to see my WIP's and to hear about my knitting. I'm not sure what she enjoyed more the knitting or getting to play with Evelyn.

Hmmm definitely playing with Evelyn but she also loved the knitting.

For now I must get to bed.

Happy knitting.

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