Monday, April 10, 2006

Egg Dye, Patterns and Thoughts

E and I dyed Easter Eggs this morning with our Mom's Club. It was so much fun to play with the dye, even though the dye was a bit of a disappointment.

I remember having at least five to seven color tablets in a kit. This particular kit only had three, pink, which was more orange, yellow and blue, which was more green. You can do color mixing with red, yellow and blue, but are heavily limited with just orange, yellow and green.

Playing with the dye made me want to dye more wool, or maybe some fabric. It's so much fun to work with color.

Coloring the eggs reminded me of an art teacher I worked with during a summer program at CSU back in high school. Her big thing was not using pigment, paint, etc straight from the bottle. Always mix your own colors. I think the idea was that you are an individual and your color should be individual.

That's an interesting idea. Don't use your pigment straight from the bottle, make your mark, make it yours.

When I first started knitting back in 95 after a very long hiatus I did not know how to read patterns. I primarily did hats in the round on circs and dpns. I just made up my own patterns. It was a zen thing. I just knitted. I would make up the design as I went along. No two hats were alike.

As my skill set improved I learned to read patterns and later charts. I was finally able to do more involved projects.

Learning to read the patterns has allowed me to really branch out from hats, to learn new techniques.

I think it might be time soon to go back to my knitting roots and do a more personal project that is not following a specific pattern but using my newfound skills.

I wonder what I would make.

Something to think about.

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