Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's Time To Flash The Stash!

I've already flashed most of my stash already. You can see pictures at my Flickr Stash page.

So to celebrate Flash Your Stash 2006 I'm flashing 10 balls of Phildar Naja with matching wool and lining from the Famous Grandma Janette.

Grandma Janette set this aside back in 1996. I just received it a few months ago from one of her daughters. I thought it was lost in the shuffle when they moved out of Oakhurst. Seeing this yarn arrive in the mail was a wonderful surprise.

It's meant to be a sweater and skirt set. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the wool and the yarn. Any suggestions for patterns?

For now it will live in the stash.

Happy Flashing Everyone!

I MUST share the ultimate Yarn Pron that I've found so far today. Check out Wendy living out many a yarn addicts ultimate fantasy.


Becky said...

Your Grandma's yarn is a true treasure. I hope you find just the right pattern for it.

Anonymous said...

i hope to see some knitings from it someday

Karen said...

Thank you both. The yarn is a treasture, just like Grandma Janette. I am confident I will create something special.