Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You Have to Keep the Stash Warm

Check out the new furnace. No more stash enhancement for awhile. At least the stash will be warm. Maybe I should join the Stashalong Blog or Stashbusters.

Three very polite, industrious gentleman installed the furnace yesterday. One looked like he had just walked out of a Harlequin Romance Novel, all tousled, beefy, mechanically inclined and named Elmer.

Yes, Elmer, like the Glue and the Hunter who is usually going after a certain rabbit.

It's not that Elmer is a bad name, it's just not one you hear very often, especially not for a twenty something furnace installer who makes you a bit weak in the knees.

The furnace is working like a dream. It's not silent but it's so quiet. The downside is the hot water heater is not generating hot water. You just can't win sometimes. We have been thinking of replacing it but wanted to wait a bit. Looks like we might not be waiting much longer.


Club Sammich said...

You neglected to mention you attraction to Elmer yesterday, dear. Do I need to get an HVAC uniform? ;-)

Karen said...


Love you sweetheart!