Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Big Announcement

Greetings. Yes I've been preoccupied lately. The knitting has been on the back burner. I've been making slow progress on Reid and even worked on Crumpets a bit this weekend while in the car. Crumpets is still in that miles of mindless knitting stage.

Anyway I'm finally ready to announce the main reason for the lack of knitting content.

I'm pregnant with our second little one. The ultrasound picture is from April 28th, I was 9 weeks 3 days along. My EDD is 11/28/06. So we are looking at a Thanksgiving baby. We are thrilled and very thankful. (Edited to change my EDD from October to November. Oops)

I'm exactly 14 weeks today. Thankfully my sometimes brutal morning sickness has practically disappeared in the last few weeks. I was sick for months when I was pregnant with E. Dry heaving is just not fun. Now I just tire really easily.

E has been such a little trooper. She knows that there is a baby in Momma's tummy. We don't know the sex yet, the big ultrasound is in two months. E seems really excited about being a big sister.

My intention is to keep this primarily a knitting blog and not turn it into a pregnancy blog. Not that I won't be mentioning the pregnancy from time to time.

I briefly thought about combining this announcement with my Amazing Lace Team Intro post. But it just did not feel appropriate for me and the little one. Yes I'm still going to do a Team Intro post. Just need to take some pictures. I really want to knit up Reid for E this summer, something special just for her before the baby arrives and the knitting goes out the window for a bit.


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msubulldog said...

Congratulations, how exciting! :)

Club Sammich said...

Dear, you meant 11/28/06, right?


Lois said...

Congrats on your second little one.