Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Haiku Redux

Here's a reworked blast from the past. I knitted Haiku for E last year. She wore it for her 3rd birthday party. It's a super cute little sweater but the buttons were problematic. The buttons looked good but proved to be too tempting for little fingers.

So Haiku ended up sitting in the closet more then going out and about on E.

A few night's ago I had the thought to frog the buttons and just seam up the front opening with a three needle bind off. No I don't Kitchener, at least not yet.

Late last night while watching HP4 for the bazillionth time I ripped and reknit Haiku's front. E was very excited about the reworked sweater this morning. She wore Haiku Redux out to the LYS with me to buy a skein of Chocolate Bunny Brown Schachenmyr Catania cotton to trim her Reid sweater.

I'm considering sewing the silver buttons back on the front for visual interest. They might still prove too tempting. We shall see. In the meantime E is enjoying the sweater.


Fríða said...

What a great idea! Looks good too.
my best from Iceland

Karen said...

Thanks Frida. You do what you need to do sometimes. Thanks for stopping by. Oh. I had skyre a few weekends ago. It was really good.

Tam said...

Clever idea! Isn't the three-needle bind off the best thing EVER!