Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Vacation Knitting

Well I'm off tomorrow morning for five days from home. I'm going to miss E and D terribly but I am looking forward to some time away.

I've packed up the knitting bag. I have this rather garish Victoria's Secret Bag that I got when they opened the new flagship at Easton. It sports Heidi Klum so it's all good.

At the top we have Kiri, I was hoping to have it done before I left but we shall see. I can always finish it on the road. To the right the bag to hold everything. It's an awesome bag, big, roomy and it zips shut. in the center notions and needles. A binder filled with patterns for Rouge, Kiri, Crumpets, Nantasket and some coasters. Yarn. The Flylady bag on the left contains Crumpets.

Just need some large ziplocks for crumpets and kiri to keep them tidy.

I think I'm set.

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Sourire11 said...

Have fun on vacation! What knitting to pack is always such a dilemma for me… looks like you packed well!