Monday, May 01, 2006

Welcome May

Yes I'm here and yes I'm knitting.

I'm on the last repeat for Kiri then it will be time to do the edging chart. I've really enjoyed knitting Kiri. The yarn is fun, the color variation delightful, the pattern not too difficult, yet satisfying.

I did knit a little something in April for Project Spectrum. I thought about knitting a little lemon but after the heating element went out on the stove I decided I did not want any more 'lemons' in the house. So I knitted a nifty little round coaster instead. I have not felted it yet. I want to wait and knit a green felted item or two for May and felt everything together.

I'm going to be out of state for five days starting later this week. Hopefully I'll be done with Kiri before I leave, there is really not much more to knit. I'm seriously considering taking Rouge with me, but I want to have at least one or two back up projects if Rouge proves too challenging on the road.

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Sourire11 said...

Kiri is such a pretty pattern…. good to hear it’s such a satisfying knit!