Monday, September 04, 2006

Holiday Knitting

Let the Holiday Knitting begin!

I've started Dad's annuall Christmas hat. I'm knitting him a Halfdome out of stash Cascade 220. It's so nice to be working with wool again.

I knitted a second pinwheel baby blanket. It's for E to play with. Yes it's acrylic and yes it's variegated. It's pretty bright and borderline hideous but E likes it and it is just the right size for her baby doll.

I'm keeping Holiday Knitting to a minima this year. So far it's just Dad's hat, which is a good 1/3 of the way done and a second Odessa for my friend Tracy. She loved the Odessa I knitted for her in Calmer so I'm going to do a second in a super soft wool. My first thought was Manos del Uruguay but on second thought I'm thinking Cashermerino Aran might be softer and a better way to go. Bald heads need soft yarn.

Tracy requested grey or cream for the next chemo hat. She loves color but for everyday wear she prefers neutrals. So it will be a neurtral for Tracy.

Not much else going on. I'm 28 weeks and feeling huge and so, so sore. This pregnancy has hit me so much harder then my pregnancy with E. I'm so happy to be pregnant, just not happy while pregnant this time around.

I found a little knitted cap that I made for E when she was a newborn that we did not use while going through baby stuff. Maybe it will fit the little one and he will be able to wear it. We shall see.


Tam said...

Did you say holiday knitting? I don't think I heard you right. La, la, la, lalalalalala. Not ready for the holiday knitting. So, I didn't hear anything at all.


Karen said...


do, do, do, no holiday knitting going on here. Ignore the knitter behind the curtain, ignore the knitter behind the curtain.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)