Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have a few links to share.

Not quite sure how I came across this knitting shop website. Unraveled is in California so it's not a possible LYS for me at this time. But check out the photo page. Wow.

Anyone up for sushi? How about a knitted Sushi Toilet Paper Cozy. Ok, that's cute. A little cheesy, or should I say fishy? But fun and creative.

I'm just about finished with a little Halley's Comet Hat for E. I did the last of the knitting while watching The Young Riders on DVD with a girlfriend. She keeps getting me hooked on these tv shows. The last was Firefly. (sigh)

Would you believe the incredibly popular Secret Pal program is starting up SP9? I've never participated. I'm so afraid of being a bad secret pal. It is fun to read about SP gifts and reveals on other knit blogs. Just checked out the current participants Page. Oh boy.

How did I miss the Knitter's Geek Code over at Knitty? I found this off of Domestic Bliss. I actually wrote my own Geek Code based on the original Geek Code a few years back.

Here is my current Knitter's Geek Code thanks to Kim's nifty form.



KER+++ Exp++ SPM++ Steel+ Wood Bam Pl Cas? AddiT? Den? Boye? Syn- Nov Cot Wool+++ Lux+ Hemp? Stash Scale+ Fin Ent FI? Int? Tex+ Lace+ Felt++(++) Flat Circ++ DPN++ ML- Swatch- KIP++ Blog++(++) SNB>empty EZ- FO+++ WIP- Gauge@ L F S DK W+ B Cr- Q- X-- Em- Sw Wv>empty Sp>empty


That was fun.


msubulldog said...

It's nowhere close to being my LYS, ether, but that's probably a good thing. I think I could spend the rest of my life in that store. Wow!

Karen said...

Unraveled looks so inviting. I could see myself shopping, knitting and just lounging there.