Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sidebar Maintence

Ok it was time to clean up the sidebar.

Can we say outdated?

Can we say did not participate?

Can we say hooray because it's cleaned up?

Well I started a second Halley's Comet hat for E this afternoon. I looked down at it and realized that it was lace. Which made me think of The Amazing Lace. Boy oh boy did I crash and burn with Reid. That just did not happen. I still have the yarn and the pattern. Maybe next year. Maybe not. Regardless The Amazing Lace ended on Labor Day. I really did not participate so I removed the KAL and Webring links from my sidebar.

Project Spectrum is also done for now. It appears that Lolly will be starting up a Project Spectrum 2 in January. I did participate for the first few months but then fell off the wagon. The Project Specturm button moved to Completed KAL's.

I did successfully complete one month of no stash enhancement for Stashalong. Oh it was a dark and angst filled time. I even worked up a little stashbusting recap for Stashalong. So the Stashalong and a spiffy new SAL Survivor buttons moved to the completed KAL list.

Of course I had to check out the Current 2006 KAL list. Two newer KAL's caught my eye. The Dishcloth KAL and the Sci Fi KAL. I really enjoyed knitting the ballband dishclothes and might want to knit a few more before it gets cold. Not sure. The Sci Fi KAL is right up my alley.

The Sci Fi KAL lead me to this lovely little number.

The Leia Hat.

I'm am really working hard to not go too Princess Leia Fan girl right now. My first thought was Halloween. I could be a pregnant Princess Leia. My second thought was Tracy. She dressed up as Princess Leia when she was little, she even had her own hair done up in the buns. That would be such a fun hat for Tracy.


msubulldog said...

I am seriously digging that Leia hat. It's not exactly my normal look, but The Boy told me that he wants to be Darth Vader for Halloween this year and I was considering what would be a good accompanying costume. I may have found it. At least it'd be easier than Chewbacca. Thanks for posting!

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by MSUbulldog. Vader is a fun costume. Leia would be much easier then Chewbacca.

Sourire11 said...

the new knit alongs you're in sound fun! The leia hat is hilarious - I have a cousin who's super into star wars and if I get her in this year's exchange I'm soooo making that.