Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The New Knitty

So the latest Knitty went live yesterday. I just checked out the new crop of patterns.

I love and want to knit A Little Slip Of A Thing. My first thought is Black and Pink Squares. So Fun!

Lizard Ridge is beautiful. I have not worked with Noro Kureyon yet but love the blocks of color.

I can totally see myself knitting Ayla for Evelyn. So cute.

Sugar On Snow looks so cute and fast. E might need one of those as well.

The sweaters and socks are nice but are just beyond me at this point. I am glad to see that Jesse has another pattern published. Avast looks pretty cool. I loved Halfdome.

I'm making nice progress on Tracy's Odessa. Can I say again that I am LOVING the Cashemerino Aran? The yarn is so yummy. I am a bit concerned that the hat will be a bit tight since the Cashmerino Aran is not as sproingy as Rowan Calmer. We will just have to see.


Starfish said...

I'm with ya on the new bag...I'm thinking brown and pink!

Karen said...

Ooooh. Brown and Pink was my first thought. I love brown and pink, but my winter coat is black so then I thoguht black and pink.