Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Coasters

I think I've found a viable hand knitted/felted Christmas gift project for next Christmas. Felted coasters in a little bowl. A set of four round coasters that fit into a little felted bowl.

I've got one set nearly done and a second set started. I'd need at least four sets for my main gift recipients, another three if I want to include the Great Grandparents.

I think it's doable. In the meantime I get to keep dying with Koolaid and knitting small, easy little bowls and coasters.

Finally made the big switch to the new Blogger. So far so good but we shall see. I really can't complain about Blogger, it is free.

Henry had his 2 month well baby checkup today. He is growing and doing great. The best thing is that he is smiling. Oh it melts the heart it's so cute. Check out my little cuddle bug.


Holly of HollYarns said...

What an ADORABLE smile! Just too cute!h

Sourire11 said...

cute coasters and an even cuter smile!!