Sunday, January 07, 2007

The First Felted Bowl of 2007

Oh my goodness I'm knitting, and it's not Crumpets! After a very long weekend of reworking the office I finally sat down and started, you guessed it, a felted bowl with the blue, green and purple Kooliad dyed wool.

I can not express how good it feels to be knitting again.

Might as well share my 2007 knitting goals.

1. Only knit what I enjoy. I enjoy knitting little felted bowls, hats, and little whimsies. They are small, take little yarn, so I can splurge on yummy yarn, are easy to size, and are just fun. Big sweaters and socks just are not my thing right now. No sweaters, kid/baby sweaters maybe, and no socks.

2. Knit from the stash as much as possible when it is practical.

3. Treat myself to the ocassional fun stash enhancement.

4. Continue knit blogging. I enjoy knitting and I enjoy this blog.

5. Have fun with my knitting.

Pretty simple. I've got my hands full juggling two little ones. Knitting is a wonderful, restful, therapeutic activity for me. I'm going to focus on just enjoying my knitting this year.

In the meantime a little felted bowl is calling.

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Holly of HollYarns said...

Excellent knitting goals and I imagine you shall accomplish them!