Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy 2007!

A belated Happy New Year!

Well I did gift the rainbow Nautilus Hat to my Step-Mother and the Red and Black Halfdome to my Dad. Sue really liked the hat and recognized her Mom's yarn immediately. Dad always enjoys his hats.

The best thing about knitting for Dad and Sue is that they actually wear my knitted goods. I really like seeing Dad wear my hats till they are too worn to wear.

Here is a rear view of both hats.

I also gifted three of the felted bowls. I love having them to give as last mintue gifts.

Henry received a fabulous hand knitted hat from my sister's college roommate's Mom. I'd love to find out the type of yarn. It's so soft. The hat is a little bit but I'm pretty sure it will fit next year.

I just finished totally overhauling my office, that included the stash. Everything was pulled apart, culled, and rearranged. I have all of my knitting stuff together. I'm feeling inspired to finish Crumpets and start knitting with the Koolaid dyed yarn I dyed recently.

Here's to a yarn filled 2007.

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