Sunday, February 18, 2007

Harry Potter and the Book 7 KAL

I joined the Harry Potter and the Book 7 KAL today. I've already knitted a few HP inspired items detailed in my introductory post. I love all things HP. Dave and I are even reading book 1 to E a few pages at a time each night before bed. We are all enjoying the books. Even Dave, who will not read them. Well he is now. :-)

I've been thinking about knitting Hatmione and the matching mittens again. I loved the Cascade 220. The pattern is really easy to follow. The cables and bobbles are fun. We shall see.

I also have my eye on Pensive Frog's Peekaboo Mittens in the current issue of MagKnits. I'm thinking some stash yarn might be fun. Oh. What about a rainbow pair for my step mother. They would match her rainbow Nautilus hat. Need to think about that.

In other KAL news. I picked up the log cabin blog yesterday and added another bar. It needs to be bigger. I'm enjoying the pattern. It's fun but not too hard.

I have a Knit Picks order coming sometime soon. I ordered a bunch of yarn for Hedgies last Tuesday during the BIG STORM. We had a huge for Central Ohio snow storm that closed the Knit Picks warehouse in Grove City, along with a ton of schools and other businesses. The order shipped Friday so it should be here soon.

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