Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Possible Hat for Tracy?

Check out the Offensive Hat over at Lickety Knit. The 'F' word is involved, thereby making the hat offensive.

Bamabess knitted this hat for her Uncle Ed who was fighting lymphoma. You can read more about the pattern in this post (membership required to view the post) on the Knitty message board. I pm'ed Bamabess for the pattern earlier today. She was pleased to hear about the Lickety Knit post and was happy to pass on the pattern to me.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Ed's passing. I don't know Ed but he must have been a good guy for his Niece to knit him a hat and put the pattern out there for others to share.

I think that nothing says love like humor and hand knits.

This makes me think that it's time for another hat for my girlfriend Tracy who is battling colon cancer.

Three Cheers for Ed, his life and his Offensive Hat!

Three Cheers for Bamabess, her love for her Uncle Ed, and her cool pattern!

Three Cheers for Tracy and her continued fight!

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