Saturday, February 03, 2007

Knitting Humor

E, H and I were in the Post Office yesterday. E and I were playing 'This or That' a kids game I found over at The Happiness Project.

E asks me if I would rather eat a box or a hat.

I look down at my hand knitted hat resting on top of Henry's stroller canopy and reply...

'A hat because it has more fiber.'

To her credit E laughed. I'm not sure if she really got the pun but she did laugh.

Here is the hat I was wearing that inspired my great attempt at humor. I knit this hat back in 1995 during my great return to knitting after many years not knitting phase. I knew very little beyond basic knit, purl, increases, decreases, and basic color work. I pretty much only knitted hats, none from a pattern. It was sort of a free form, zen like knitting time for me.

It was a good ten years of just doing hats and not really improving my technique before I discovered the amazing online world of knit blogging and online knitting tutorials. I've had an email address of some sort since 1991 but the web was not back then what it is today.

The hat continues to be a favorite of mine. It was knitted with stash wool and alpaca. The design was inspired by the idea of a sports stadium. The Cleveland Indians were doing really well in 95 while I was knitting this hat so I had stadiums on my mind. The pink and cream swirl on the crown was supposed to be like one of the big domed stadium roofs.

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Sourire11 said...

That is a GREAT hat! I love that it has such good stories behind it - and I can totally see the stadium top!