Saturday, February 03, 2007


Had a chance to surf a bit today. I found the following pages that I want to link here.

How to make a felt stuffed animal. Penguin!

Who knew there was a Penguin Awareness Day. The Felt Mouse celebrated on January 21st. Jennifer links some more penguin love at the end of the post. I think I found my birthday cake for this year.

What about some cream cheese penguins?

But what about Hedgehogs? We can't just have penguin love, we need hedgehog love!

Kelpkim of Kim-Chi Knits knitted an under the sea Hedgehog! Oh he is cute. The more natural colored ones are cute but the green is just too fun.

Then I found Erika's post on her Hedgehog knitting adventure over @redshirt knitting.

We can't have the penguins feeling left out of all of this felted toy fun.

I had no idea it was International Pajama Day tomorrow. Hang out in your pjs!

I don't have one of these Nike i-pod shoe hack things but I think I might know someone who does.


Jennifer said...

Glad to see someone sharing the penguin love!

Holly of HollYarns said...

Cute! Cuteness reigns supreme--definitely will have to make my honey-bunny a felted penguin.

OH! And I so want i-pod shoe hack thingy, but I don't have an ipod and don't really want one. I like my non-ipod mp3 style.