Monday, March 12, 2007

The 5th Hedgie

The 5th Hedgie did not get a picture post of his own. He looks sort of like something from the movie The Fifth Element. He's not quite of this world. I used Knit Picks Sierra for the tummy and back with Knit Picks Butterfly Kisses held single. His fur is disjointedly sparse. He's just not lush and fuzzy. In the spirit of fairness here is The 5th Hegie flying solo.

The Sierra is definitely too thick to create a squishy hedgehog. It's not that he's a bad Hedgie. he is still cute and small and fun.

Here are four of the five. HP Hedgie lives with Allison on her HP shelf of glory. I need to get a picture of her little HP alcove of love.

In other news I dyed and overdyed some yarn yesterday. I was inspired by Julie Theaker's article Color to Dye For in the recent Knitty. I busted out the old McCormick food coloring from the Spice Lazy Susan in the kitchen and over dyed some purple and green Koolaid attempts gone not quite right. I added more green to the green and some blue and red to the lackluster purple. I attempted a light to dark dip dye in blue. I'm curious to see how they knit up, but only after I finish my WIP's.


Just A Knit Wit said...

Ok! Ok! I'm going to the yarn store at lunch to pick up the Hedgie pattern. I can't take looking at this cuteness anymore and not being able to have one for myself.

Karen said...

The Cuteness Spreads!