Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Longest Bind Off EVER!!!

Pattern: Crumpets
Designer: Libby Baker
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Sugar Plum
Needles: Size 4, first 24 now 36 inch circs with lilac size 6 seed beads.
Started March 10, 2006
Knitting finished March 15, 2007. This knit went on, and on, and on...
Still waiting for ribbon and some elastic.

Crumpets has been on the needles for over a year. A year! I don't usually let my WIP's languish like that. Oy. The smocked part was fun. I LOVED doing the bead work. I was bored out of my skull doing the skirt. So the skirt turned into a little flouncy top.

I did a picot bind off as planned. It went on forever! Seriously I've been binding this puppy off for several days.

Notice the giant slightly off color band in the skirt? That would be an off dye lot. I noticed it awhile ago. But you know what I really do not care at this point. It's a big block of slightly off color and I sort of like where it is positioned in a perverse sort of way. I am not frogging this, no way no how.

So yes dye lot does make a difference. Sometimes a big difference.

All that remains is to get some elastic and ribbon to finish up the top. Thankfully Crumpets is still plenty big for E. She may be able to wear it next summer as well, if it does not get totally trashed this summer. The plan is to get some nice pics of E wearing Crumpets with some cute little denim shorts and a pair of pretty sandals. I may even search out a matching bow.

E is thrilled with Crumpets so far. I tried it on her tonight as she was getting ready for bed. She was so excited.

So that's one WIP nearly finished.

Check out the Fong! It's a little thong for your foot. This is a sock I would consider knitting.

While I'm linking stuff. Check out this heat sensitive LED faucet light. It turns red when the water is over 99 degrees Fahrenheit While we are over at Think Geek I own a I Heart My Geek Babydoll tshirt. It's fun and Dave enjoys it.

Grrrrrrrr! I found this awesome Stash Enhancement in 2007 button on another knit blog and failed to bookmark it, then Firefox closed on me. Now I can't find it. Google is not helping for once. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Any excuse to add a button and buy yarn is a good one in my book.

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