Monday, March 05, 2007

Sir Gawain Arrived and Today is My Birthday!

Well look what the letter carrier delivered this Saturday all the way from sunny CA to dreary, overcast OH. The hank of Sir Gawain handpaint from Holly of HollYarns for being the first person to send a donation for Cyrano's Creature Comfort's Drive!

The yarn is even better in person. As usual my mediocre photography skills simply can not do this gorgeous yarn justice.

A HUGE thank you to Holly. I love the yarn!

In non knitting news today is my birthday! It snuck up on me this year. We've been doing a ton of work on the house and have been super busy. We don't have anything big planned other then maybe going out to dinner with the kids.

I do hope to get to knit a little on hedgehog NUMBER FIVE today. I've got the body and paws done. Now it's a matter of picking up the stitches for the back. I have a big Huggable Hedgehog post percolating in my brain to detail the little changes I've made and what I've learned knitting the pattern multiple times. I want to help share the Hedgie Love.

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Just A Knit Wit said...

Ooo- first comment! Happy Birthday! And you have certainly passed the Hedgehog love on to me. I must go find that pattern.