Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Saturday Link O Ramma

We had blustering snow earlier today. It did not stick for long but it still snowed. Ohio weather is crazy.

I felted the princess hat, basket and Hedgie today. I'll post the Easter Felted Goodness tomorrow. The Hedgie is super cute.

Have not done a Link O Ramma in awhile. I found several new blogs and possible projects I want to share so here we go.

Well that's enough links for today. I have a Hedgehog to finish.

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Kate said...

funny - I am making a chevron scarf for my ISE4 pal. Don't buy the book just for that pattern - it's only 4 lines long - but it does have a lot of good other patterns & it's fun to look at. :)
Thanks for the good wishes!