Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter?

Well look at the fuzzy little egg! Do you suppose the Easter Bunny left this little ball of fluff for us?

No, wait, it's Hedgie #7 in all of his Technicolor splendor! Hedgie #7 was knitted up in Knit Picks Color Your Own worsted. The Color Your Own worsted felts the best of all of the yarns I've used for Hedgie tummies so far. Wool of the Andes is also good but not as good. Knit Picks Sierra is just too thick and does not create a soft Hedgie. I am just loving Hedgie #7's green tummy.

Here is the Nantasketbasket I cast on during the Cleveland Harlot Sighting. It's for Henry's room. More Knit Picks Color Your Own worsted. I dyed it with blue food coloring.

Hedgie #7 modeling the Modified Felted Princess Hat from New Knits on the Block by Vickie Howell. I ran out of yarn so it's not nearly as tall and pointy as the pattern suggests. It's knit in Knit Picks Sierra. Not a good yarn choice for this project. Sierra is bulky weight and would be great for coasters, hot pads, trivets, clogs, items you want to be think and tough, but not for anything you want to be lightweight or soft. The hat is really heavy. I ran it through the wash twice to shrink it down to E's size. It's a fun little hat and E is pleased with it but I could improve on it if I decide to knit it again.

A very Happy Easter and Passover to all who celebrate. The Easter Bunny brought E & H a bit of candy and chocolate. Of course H is not eating any of it but big sister E is more the happy to help.

And yes there is still snow on the ground. I don't think we had snow for Christmas this past year but we did have snow for Easter.


Susan said...

Cute Kiddies & Cute Hedgies ;)

*** I hope you realize that I will not be able to sleep now.

must...find....Sherlock Holmes....nesting....dolls.....(crap!)

Liz Cadorette said...

I LOVE the hedgie with the hat on. That has to be one of the cuter things I've seen in knitting lately. I may have to break out the Hedgehog kit I ordered ~cough~twoyearsago~cough~.

My Nana (my mother's mom) collected hedgehogs for a long time; I bought the kit thinking of her, and this would be great impetus to complete one and send it to her. :)