Monday, April 16, 2007

Link O Rama

Time for some linky love.

Alison posted a super cute hat from Hello Yarn today that uses a figure eight cast on. Oh boy that's nifty.

The Hello Yarn Blog has a post on the Yarn Cake Portrait Flickr Pool. Oh to have a swift and ball winder. I've even got a spiffy new desktop image thanks to Hello Yarn. Thanks a bunch!

Want to knit a Penguin Jumper? Here's a pattern.

Thanks for the kind comments on the blanket yarn and Sheldon. E finally noticed Sheldon today perched up on the mantle. She immediately took off his shell declaring him a naked turtle.

I cast on a Sheldon inspired bowl last night and finished knitting it tonight. The plan is to get before pictures and felt it tomorrow. The cells look very cool. We shall see how it felts up.

So the bowl is ready for the washing machine. The #8 Hedgie has his tummy and paws finished and is waiting for me to pick up the stitches around the tummy panel. The Storm Blanket yarn is in balls and ready to cast on for H's blanket.

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