Saturday, April 14, 2007

HP Whimsy #3 Is Now Complete

Pattern: Sheldon The Turtle
Designer: Ruth Homrighaus
Size: Just Right for My Sister's Harry Potter Gallery
Yarn: Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry and Daffodil.
Needles: size 3 dpns and size 4 circs
Started April 3, 2007
Finished April 14, 2007

Finished Sheldon tonight while watching the last three episodes of season one of Dr. Who. Oh what a great show and a cute little turtle.

Figuring out how to start the applied i-cord was brutal. Once I got started it was not too bad. I've done applied i-cord before but not to knit two pieces of knitting together. Pretty ingenious technique. I'm wondering if I could incorporate it into a felted bowl somehow.

Anyway Sheldon is finished. Now I can get back to Hedgies.

Did I mention I cast on for Hedgie #8 tonight?

It's not a problem.

I can stop knitting Hedgies at any time. It's just that my Dad loves Hedgehogs and he needs one, a black and brown one, that is different from the brown and black one I already knitted.

Maybe I do have a Hedgie problem.

There are other things I want to knit. While poking around Ruth's fab FO gallery I found Henry The Bear, he is from Jess Hutchinson's Unusual Toys for You to Knit and Enjoy. I happen to be lucky enough to own a copy. I knew at one point there was a Henry The Bear but had forgotten. I'm thinking my little Henry needs a Henry The Bear.


Just A Knit Wit said...

He turned out too cute!

You can NEVER knit too many hedgies.

Susan said...

About this Hedgie problem....

If you find yourself with one too many, I will glady take one off your hands....just saying.

Sheldon is Perfection!!!

Thanks for the nice B-Day wish ;)