Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sherlock Holmes Nesting Doll Madness!

Who knew the Sherlock Holmes Nesting Doll would generate such a buzz! I asked my MIL where she bought the set. It was in a catalog sometime in the late 80's. She is trying to remember the name of the catalog.

I've tried googling for a set but my googlefoo is not strong enough for this one. I will keep everyone posted.

I've been playing with Bloglines and BlogRoll. I've never used either before. I have noticed that I prefer reading the actual page and not the Blogline preview. I enjoy checking out sidebars, and pictures, and the overall look of the site I'm reading.

I'm working on Sheldon. I have two legs done, the body and have started the shell. He is cute but will hopefully be done soon.

I really want to knit up some lace with Sir Gawain. I've been looking at patterns and have not decided yet.

I'm thinking about Bonnie Marie's CeCe, not for Sir Gawain of course.

Just wondering what I'm going to knit next.

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