Thursday, April 19, 2007

Storm Blanket

I've had a lot on my mind lately. Just could not sleep this morning. I kept thinking 'Thank goodness I have my knitting to calm my brain.' Kept tossing and turning until it finally dawned on me to just get up and start H's Storm Blanket.

The initial plan was to do a big log cabin block, then to do smaller log cabin blocks, I also toyed with miters. I started a log cabin block. It just was not working. Then I thought about a rectangular shaped zig zag pattern. Could not find what I was looking for online. Then I considered doing the Jaywalker pattern but as a blanket. Cast on. Eh. It's fab for socks but was not doing it for me.

Then it hit me.

Pinwheel Baby Blanket.


Got out the Long A** Grandma Janette size 10 dpn's and cast on, ripped, then cast on a second time. Made some decent progress while watching HP4. Even got back to bed and got some more sleep.

The plan is to basically knit each color from right to left until I have a small ball left for mending. The blanket will radiate out light in the center to dark on the outside edge. H and I picked up a set of 29 inch size 10 circs at Joann's today. So I should be set for needles for a bit.

I have Hedgie #8 all felted. He awaits eyes, nose and stitching. Prepare for the cuteness!

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Kate said...

sounds good - I am looking forward to seeing it!