Friday, July 27, 2007

The FO Report

Howdy! Yes I've read HP7, twice! Oh boy what a ride. I'm letting it just sink in, I'm percolating in HP goodness. Oh yes indeed.

Here is a post I've been putting off for ages, one where I post some long finished FO's and share some of my knitting struggles. I'm still waiting to post the UBER CUTE Henry The Bear. Plans are in motion for his big photo shoot. Patience.

Check out my first foray back to the land of the knit bloggers after my blogging hiatus. It's a Mason Dixon Buttonhole Bag in Knit Picks Ambrosia and some Lions Brand Fun Fur in Melon that I received from a friend. The Comfest flyer is for scale. I knitted this little bag up for E. It's small and soft and is currently holding a little family of light up frogs and a pink light up duck. I knitted this sometime in June.

I was feeling adventurous. So I attempted the Flower Basket Shawl with my fabulous yarn from Holly.

I am still so not ready for the Flower Basket Shawl. So I tried Traveling Vines. That did not work out either. Things were not going well with this yarn. It was me, not the yarn.

Then I started the knit a bag from grocery bags project. It's making slow but steady progress. I'm slowly collecting interesting bags for the recycled Unbiased. I'm gearing up to buy the recycled silk for the swanky silk Unbiased.

Back to the cool yarn. I tried the Candleflame scarf from Knit Picks. Oh goodness that did not work either. Can we all say Crash and Burn together now? The colors are fabulous, the yarn is fab, I just can't seem to knit with an airy weight yarn. So Sir Gawain went back to the stash. He will wait there until the right project comes along.

In the meantime Two previous FO's got to go see HP5 with my HP CRAZED sister Allison. HP Kitty and HP Hedgie got to go to the movies. I held HP Hedgie the entire movie. Hedgies are great for hugging during the big fight scenes.

In the meantime I knitted up a super fluffy little Kitty in leftover KnitPicks Wool of the Andes and Butterfly Kisses. It's a crazy fluffy little thing. I gifted it to my Aunt who broke her collar bone. She likes cats and I thought this little kitty would make her smile.

So that's pretty much June and July. I also knitted and felted another little bowl. It's lavender and brown, love the color combination. Not much progress but progress regardless.

So I'm currently working on the Plastic Bag Bag. I need to order the Princess Leia wig pattern and yarn, and yarn for the R2D2 hat and yarn for Unbiased. Henry's R2D2 costume arrived in the mail this week. Oh it's cute, super cute. Time to get knitting for Halloween.

Otherwise I'm hanging in there. Thanks for all of the kind comments.

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