Saturday, July 21, 2007

HP7: You Will Find No Spoilers Here

You will find no spoilers here. I'll wait a few days to talk about the book in detail.

I will however share my adventure to procure the book.

After much personal debate, just was not sure if I was up for being out and about around that many people and I was terrified of plot spoiling Muggles, I dug my masters robes out of the basement, put my hair in pig tails and headed to the local Barn's & Noble to meet my sister, her roommate Nicholas, and her college roommate Jana. Between the pig tails, my glasses and the robe I was working a bit of an homage to Morning Myrtle.

I arrived around 11PM to find my group hanging out in some teak chaise lounge chairs at Smith & Hawken next to B&N.

We chat. They are about 380 in line. They waited 45 minutes to get their wrist bands. We eventually move inside the incredibly crowded store.

At one point several B&N workers wheeled a box of books right past us. This was about 20 minutes to midnight. We were so excited. Everyone started taking pictures of the boxes of books. It was like a celebrity sighting.

There was a big countdown to midnight. Many of the B&N workers were dressed as HP characters. Hagrid led the countdown.

We walked out of the store around 12:30AM with two regular and one deluxe edition. To say that Allison was excited was a bit of an understatement.

Here we are books in hand. I'm holding the Hatmione I knitted Allison for Christmas a few years back. It's in Charmed Knits. Great pattern. Highly recommended.

I arrive home all hopped up on adrenaline. I read the dedication. I want to start reading yet I don't. I have to decide where to read. I need the right bookmark. I feel a bit grimy and decide that I have to take a shower before starting the big read.

A good 45 minutes later I'm all clean, I have a few cookies, I have a bookmark and I've arranged a few pillows on the couch in the family room. I'm sitting on Mom's couch, with Papa's brass lamp providing lots of light. I have a breast cancer stamp strip for a bookmark and I'm ready to go.

I read from about 2AM to 6AM. By that point I HAD to take out my contacts and sterilize them. H needed fed so I fed him and went to bed. I slept until a bit after 11AM. BLISS! Then I fed H again and went back to reading. I pretty much read all day with a few breaks to eat and attend to H and E.

I finished around 9:30PM Saturday night.

I called Allison to discuss the book in detail. I chatted with Dave then sat down to write this entry.

I really want to discuss the book but you will find no spoilers here. Not now but soon.


Mary said...

Hi..Im slowly reading mine ..savering it all.I must confess im a back of the book reader.Yup i cheated.Between me and my hubby its hard to get my hands on the book.Now i must go find a quiet space...enjoy.

Sourire11 said...

sounds like you had fun both getting and reading the book! I'm just now reading the series... I'm halfway through book 5 right now - I'm thinking by the time I get to 7 things will have calmed down a little!

Brandi. said...

I finished too! E-mail me and we'll chat about it!