Friday, July 13, 2007

Knitting Goals

Now that I'm back to knitting, ok sort of back to knitting if not really back to blogging, I've been thinking of what I want to knit in the coming months.

Currently On the Needles

I'm currently working on a fuzzy little kitty that I found over at the Harry Potter and the Book 7 KAL. It's a really simple little knit. I'm using koolaid dyed wool, leftover cascade 220 and Knit Picks Butterfly Kisses to make it whispy.

I have yet another knitted/felted bowl on the needles. I just can't stop.

I have a feather and fan scarf on the needles that might end up felted to make a coaster/trivet of sorts. That knit is bitter sweet. It makes me sad but I think I'm going to keep it knitted. I like the idea of felting it to signify permanent change. Need to think on that one.

Recycled Bag Project

I've been working on a new project where you basically knit a bag out of recycled grocery bags cut into long strips. I first found the idea over at Magknits.

I'm knitting a bag following the pattern for a Fulled Lopi Tote over at Hello Yarn. Obviously I won't be felting this one since it is plastic and not a natural fiber. Here is a great tutorial on how to cut the bags into continuous strips.

I've been using up my stash of Giant Eagle grocery bags for the little tote bag. They work ok but are quite thin and rather bland color wise. So far it's a different, yet still interesting, knit.

We had Damon's take out for dinner last week. The food arrived in a spiffy black plastic bag while the condiments arrived in a smaller red bag. This got the little grey cells moving a bit. While taking a shower I got the idea to knit Unbiased in recycled Sari Silk yarn and to also knit it in recycled plastic shopping bags.

I found this DIY Network project while researching knitting with plastic bags that gives an idea of what kind of textile you can create by knitting up different colored shopping bags. The look is similar to that of recycled sari silk, obviously not identical but similar in spirit. I know it's plastic, literally, plastic.

So here is my plan. Knit Unbiased in the recycled sari silk yarn that I've been longing to knit for ages and knit a second Unbiased in a colorful array of plastic shopping bags. The goal is to have both knitted in time for Earth Day, April 22, 2008. I'm figuring that gives me a doable goal far enough ahead and also ties in nicely with a Recycle/Earth Day post for the knitting blog.

Items I want to knit.

I want to knit my Henry a Weasley Sweater in a blue tweed with a light gray H.

I'm seriously debating about Holiday knitting. I have a few things finished that could be Christmas gifts but nowhere near what I would need to fulfill all gift giving needs. I'm thinking we are going to keep Christmas simple again this year.

In the meantime I have a kitty calling me to knit up it's little body.

Nearly forgot to mention two things.

1. Thank you for the continued thoughts/prayers and comments.

2. I went to see Order of the Phoenix at 12:01AM and it rocked!

*SPOILER ALERT* Highlight the following text to read. OK you can still sort of read it, at least it will slow you down.

Loved the movie overall. They really took the old pruning shears to the plot. Can we say slash and burn? Anything extra that could be cut out was cut out leaving only the barest essentials. But they did take time to add a few little extras that were not in the book.

I found the scene where the Weasley Twins comforted the younger student about the EVIL Umbridge's bloody pen of doom hand scars. It showed the tender, good side of the twins.

Umbridge was pure EVIL. Great performance, fabulous costuming.

Loved the score.

I LOVED LUNA. Oh she was perfect. I wanted to see more of her character.

I thought Daniel Radcliffe carried the movie. He is really coming into his own as an actor, no as a Thespian, an artist if you may. I think he is amazing, grounded, talented, handsome, quirky....

Yes the plot got the old chop but I enjoyed the film and look forward to seeing it again at some point. My sister saw it again but in digital format and she said it did look crisper.

Anyway loved the movie and am seriously looking forward to book 7.


Mary said...

Welcome back...The kitty is so darn cute cant wait to see the finished project...I like the recycled bags..What a neat way to use up those plastic bag.I cant wait to see the new movie harry potter .were going sunday..

Just A Knit Wit said...

Glad to hear from you dear!

I loved the movie as well. And I'm anxiously anticipating the book. I hope to finish my Dark Mark illusion scarf by the time it comes out.

I can't wait to see the bag of bags!

Sourire11 said...

Glad to hear from you! Hope things are going better for you.

Can't wait to see the unbiased scarves!

I'm actually just now reading the HP books... so far behind the times..