Friday, July 20, 2007

HP7 and Getting Ready for Halloween

Ok it just hit me. We are going to find out what happens to Harry! Soon! As in in a few hours soon!

I've been on a nearly complete media blackout for the past few days. No tv, other then PBS Kids for E, no newspapers, no radio other then NPR and the local Classical station who would not DARE spoil HP, and the hardest part, next to no web surfing.

I've been super careful.

No nasty spoilers for me, so far.

Shame on you New York Times! Jealous? Looking to steal some of of the limelight for one of the biggest literary releases of the decade, if not this generation? Hope those sour grapes taste really good NYT.

I digress.

In a few hours I will have a copy of HP7 in my hot little hands and I will then finally find out Harry's fate.

In the meantime I have Halloween costumes to plan! The H Man will be R2-D2 and Princess E will be Princess Leia, because they are both princesses. The plan is for me to knit up a Princess Leia hat for me and an R2-D2 hat for Dave.

But that's Star Wars. Tonight it's all about my favorite Every Man, Harry. Live or Die Harry lives/lived his life to the fullest with joy, sorrow, pain, luck and most importantly love.

Three cheers for JKR no matter what HP7 brings.

Three cheers for Harry.

Three cheers for Love, the greatest power of all.


Mary said...

I waited in line at wally world for an hour until I got my Grubby Hands on the Book.On to reading. Enjoy Yours!!!!!!!!!

kim said...

Ooh, I have been barricading myself from the world to avoid being spoiled. Thank god I didn't read NYT that day, or I would have melted down, read it, and cried.

Just A Knit Wit said...

So the REAL question is... did you read the book over night or did you wait, sleep and THEN read?