Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Recycled Bag-Bag

With all of the talk about recycling I just had to try my hand at knitting with recycled plastic bag 'yarn.' Just finished my first Bag made of Recycled Bags. I followed the Hello Yarn Fulled Lopi Tote pattern. This bag took about 20 or so Giant Eagle shopping bags, one large black Damon's bag and one small red Damon's bag. Cleo's tutorial on cutting the bags into strips has worked out quite well for me. Quite a few patterns have suggested cutting the bags in long continuous spirals, that would drive me batty.

At the suggestion of a knitted tote pattern I found over at All Free Crafts I took the iron to the completed bag. I used wax paper to keep the iron from sticking to the bag. I fiddled with the iron temperature a bit, my Rowenta does not have fabric temperature settings. Ironing gave the bag a bit more shape and structure.

If I were to knit this bag again I would hold the 'yarn' double while knitting the bottom of the bag for added strength and durability. The bottom is ok as it is but could be stronger. Overall it was a fun knit and I am relatively pleased with the final outcome. I'm thinking I might give this to my SIL who is starting her Senior Year of High School later this month. She thought the recycling aspect of the project was pretty cool when she saw me working on it last month. We shall see.

In the meantime the Cork Master episode of Frasier is calling as is a Micro Center bag that is destined to become part of the recycled plastic bag Unbiased.

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