Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harry Potter Fan Girl Freak Out

My sister called me earlier today all in a tizzy, we are talking seriously hyped up.

She received a voice mail on her cell phone from a representative from Scholastic saying that she had won the Harry Potter Open Book Tour Sweepstakes. Allie left a voice mail saying that of course she accepted the prize and that the person notifying the winners must be getting all sorts of crazed phone calls. The rep called back and confirmed things with Allie.

She's won two tickets to see JKR read from The Deathly Hallows at Carnegie Hall in NYC and a signed copy of Deathly Hallows. The rules say she can get a copy of another HP novel signed instead if she so chooses.

I'm still a bit in shock. I'm so happy for Allie. She offered to have me go with her but it's just not going to happen. I can't leave Henry for that long, he is still nursing, and I can't bring him with me to NYC and to the event. We have family outside the city but it's a long drive and we are not doing plane tickets.

I am very excited for Allie.


Allie's traveling companion and roommate extraordinaire Nicholas will be accompanying her to NYC. They are going to have a fabulous time. Nicholas takes amazing pictures so he will document every last detail.

Allison has agreed to be a guest blogger here on In Knitting News and plans on writing a detailed report of the NYC/JKR excitement.

I think I'm going to ask her to bring HP Hedgie...oh the photo opportunities.


Mary said...

I am happy for your sister I think if anyone deserves this is her.she has such a love for all things Harry potter.And a cool collection of stuff.It all sounds so thrilling and exciting.Congrads to your sister.

Just A Knit Wit said...

Oh wow! What a fantastic thing for her!!! I'm delighted to hear she won this award. Give her a congratulatory hug for me.

Kim said...

Holy Cow! I don't even know your sister but I am thrilled for her. It's an opportunity of a lifetime. So who is she taking with her?

Em said...

Just saw this on our HP KAL. WOW! That is amazing- your sister is one werry, werry lucky girl!
This means she was there Friday night for the big Dumbledore reveal doesn't it? How wild is that?!
Can't wait to read all about it!