Sunday, September 23, 2007

State of the Knitting Address

Thought I would do a quick rundown of the current WIP's and a few project ideas.

Recycled Sari Silk/ Plastic Shopping Bag Bags.

The silk bag is complete. It's beautiful but not very practical. It's just not deep enough for day to day use. I LOVE the yarn. I'm considering sending it to the frog pond but don't know if the yarn would survive the frogging.

I have about 1.75 panels knitted in plastic bags. I've found the heavier bags to be really hard on the hands to knit. So I prefer the medium weight bags. The panels look cool and I am knitting them much deeper then I knitted the silk bag. I have no shortage of interesting colored bags to knit with, I just sort of lost interest. I have time, Earth Day is not until April 22nd. So I have about six more months to finish it for my self imposed deadline.

Halloween knitting. The R2-D2 hat for Dave is complete, not perfect but complete. It's a fun pattern. I started a second one for me in pink in double knit tonight, we shall see how it goes. Double knit is slow going.

The Leia Hat. Oh did I get bored with the bun tube. I just can't bring myself to knit it. I'm thinking frog pond and use the yarn for something else.

In other Halloween news E's Princess Leia costume arrived in the mail yesterday. OMGoodess she looks so cute in it. I tried to try the R2 costume on Henry as well but his head is too big to fit through the neck opening. So I need to enlarge the opening a big for his big noggin. They are going to be off the hook cute as Princess Leia and R2-D2.

I'm currently between Hedgies. The green one for H Man is in his room looking all round and cute with Henry the Bear and H's name letters.

I tried to knit up a hat for E using the rainbow yarn. It was not working. I'm considering a lace scarf next. We shall see.

I have a ton of red, green and brown yarn that is just calling to be made into bowls.

Just realized a few days ago I should be thinking about Dad's Christmas Hat. Should start doing some cool hat pattern recon for this year's hat.

I so want to knit a Dalek.

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So many teasing mentions but no pictures...

Hehe, that freaky little bug thing is too cool!