Saturday, September 15, 2007

Meet Caramel

Well my sink is all shiny. I cleared off the window ledge above the sink and bought a new dish drainer and scrubby pad. I also moved a few cleaning things to below the sink, yes it's baby proofed. Loving the new sink.

Meet Caramel

Yet another Hedgehog. This is a third Hedgie for my Dad to join Midnight and Mocha. Caramel was knitted in Wool of the Andes Dune Twist for the tummy, Chestnut for the paws and back and Cello eyelash in Orange. He almost blends in with the harp. I almost left him unstuffed so he could be a puppet. I asked Dad if he wanted a puppet or a stuffed Hedgie. He wanted the Hedgie stuffed so I stuffed him. E's been enjoying playing with Caramel.

Yarn snob purists might want to turn away for this next part. The following is an unnatural mixture of fiber.

Who would ever think that Noro Silk Garden 84 and Bernat Bling Bling Moulin Rouge would find themselves in a Hedgie along with some Knit Picks Elegance in Barn Red, Andean Silk in Hollyberry, and Wool of the Andes in Iron Ore. The original plan was to use this beautiful Mohair Kiss Ombre from Vergnasco Italy for the back fluff. The mohair proved to be beautiful but not as fluffy as I would have liked so I headed to JoAnn's and found the Bling Bling in a comparable colorway. It feels really wrong to mix so much silk with so much acrylic but the Hedgie is looking quite spiffy. I'm really hoping he felts up ok.

E has been drawing rainbows at preschool. I was inspired and busted out the koolaid to dye some Knit Picks Natural in a rainbow for E. Not quite sure of what I will knit with it but E is excited about the rainbow yarn. Maybe a scarf or little hat for this winter.

I also have a green Hegie tummy waiting for the red Hegie to be off the needles that will be for H Man. I have yet to knit the Dude a proper Hedgie.

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Sourire11 said...

Loving the rainbow yarn! Can't wait to see what you knit with it...

And I like the name "in hedgie news..." heh.