Thursday, September 20, 2007

When Green Means Go and Red Means Big Nose

Two new Hedgies to add to the FO Hedgie heap. Big Red on the left has a huge nose. Holding Silk Garden and Andean silk appears to produce one honking big Hedgie nose.

The little Green Dude in the middle is for H Man. It's Andean Silk for the tummy and paws and Lion Brand Fun Fur and Wool of the Andes for the back.

I've already introduced Luciano Hedgie. He is there just for fun and for scale.

After knitting multiple Hegies out of several different kids of yarn I've come up with my yarn favorites. I like Wool of the Andes for the tummy, paw pads and back for feltabliity, low cost and decent color pallet. I prefer Lion Brand Fun Fur for the 'fur' for a nice medium fluff. For more fluff go for Cello Eyelash. For short go Bernat Boa. For outrageous fluff hold Cello double.

I've made considerable progress on the R2-D2 hat for D. I'm knitting in Knit Picks Swish Superwash. Quite pleased so far. I did it in fair isle, I know not ideal but it worked out ok. I'm going to finish it up with duplicate stitch.

Check out my spiffy R2-D2 talking party bowl that I got from Crispix back when Episode III was released. It makes R2-D2 noises. Spiffy! Yes that is a Darth Vader mug on the oven and a P.E.O. Star on the wall. Just call me eclectic.

Mini Link o Rama

In non knitting link goodness check out the Fun With Glass Globs. I so want to do this, but do not have the balls to do it to our front door. It looks like so much fun.

I totally want to make my Felted Clogs Non Slip. They are slippery.

I got to see the first two episodes of Torchwood Wednesday night. Capt. Jack is so dreamy. Every now and then I actually miss not having cable tv.

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