Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cuddly Evil

The geek in me is just giddy with my latest FO. Behold true Cuddly Evil. A knitted Dalek. It's knitted up in Knit Picks Telemark Brass Heather and Black on size three dpn's for the body and size 2 dpns for the appendages.

"Must protect the Genesis Harp!"


E the Geek in Training cuddles with the Dalek. She is dressed up as Luke Skywalker in the later movies today because we are hosting a Star Wars party later today to celebrate one of Allie's coworkers who is going off to Iraq with JAG soon. We will be thinking of you Joe!

"Do you know the Doctor?"

"I will use this spacecraft to take over the World with my Cuddly Evil!"

Hope you enjoyed the Dalek. I have a bit more info about it on Ravelry, inknittingnews for the Ravelry fans out there.

In the meantime, May the Force be With You, especially our friend Joe.


Kt said...

I dont even know. Lets just say that thing creeps me out -> ____ this much.

Just A Knit Wit said...

No clue what it's from, but it's cute as hell!