Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Birthday Dinner

How about an attempt at actual blogging. I feel like my space here has been languishing a bit. Thankfully things have calmed down considerably in the past few months (knock on wood) for which I'm incredibly grateful.

I attended a positive preschool conference for E this morning. She was ready for Kindergarten this year, she is more then ready academically, her vocabulary is superb and her social skills are continuing to expand. She is a little flower that will bloom where planted.

H's receptive language continues to improve. I swear the little guy replied "I love you" last night at tuck in. My Mommy heart melted a bit. Hi's vocabulary is slowly growing. Socially he is a happy, friendly yet coy little flirt.

I took the kids to CiCi's for pizza with three other Mom's and their respective kids for lunch today. H was seated at the head of the table in a booster seat holding court and filling his empty leg with reserve calories. It was nice to get out for lunch.

My sister took me to the Elevator for a belated birthday dinner tonight. It's been ages since we last went out and about just the two of us. The Elevator is a favorite for Allie and her AG buddies.

After a fabulous dinner with even more fabulous beer, Allie had Coal Porter and I had Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale, we walked over to Allie's office. She's been at the AG's office for over five years now and I'm embarrassed to say this was the first time I'd been to her office. Check it out, Allie is wearing my OSU Mod Cables hat. It was raining and then snowing tonight.

Check out the fab view from her floor. This was in the early evening, very overcast, hazy and dark. It's snowing, and sticking, as I prepare this post. This up and down crazy weather is not fun.

Regardless of the ick weather I had a fabulous time with Allie. She is a wonderful sister and I love her very much.

On to knitting stuff.

I enhanced the stash a bit with 15 skeins of Paton's Classic Wool Merino in Rich Red. I'm thinking a Weasly Sweater for H Man and BrooklynTweed's Cobblestone for Dave. The color reminds me of tomato soup, I consider that a good thing.

I have four WIP's listed on Ravelry, D and H's sweaters don't really count they are not officially started.

  1. Weighted Companion Cube: I am minutes away from being done with the knitting stage. Am excited to enter the steeking and light felting stage.
  2. Earth Day 2008 Recycled Bag Bag: 2 panels done, 'plastic bag yarn' cut and balled for 3rd panel.
  3. PEO Star Coaster: knitting is finished, waiting to felt and then take my first go at needle felting with my new Clover needle felting tool and mat. Now to find black roving.
  4. Crumpets: Knitting long complete, ends need tucked and ribbons, possible internal elastic applied. I keep telling myself I'm waiting for the weather to break so E can actually wear it once it is complete. The beaded smocked bodice is so pretty. I must finish it and photograph it properly.
For now I'm off to finish the knitting stage on the Weighted Companion Cube. I'm feeling more on top of things knitting wise. My little list yesterday, no matter how disheveled helped me focus a bit.


Sourire11 said...

Oh how nice you got to spend time with your sister! And happy belated birthday!!!

And I"m glad she likes her hat.

Jennifer said...

Happy belated!

I think I've been to the Elevator before when a group of us girls stayed in C-bus for an all-girls weekend away. Do they have the tall vaulted ceilings there w/ a very old-type decor? I think I'm thinking of the same place...the name sounds familiar anyway.

PS - Thanks for sticking up for the LHS colors lol Didn't know you were alumni, either...learn something new everyday, and small world : ) Hopefully the baby won't be embarrassed of the handknit when "it" is old enough to know better :)