Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holiday Knitting List

Well no Torchwood last night, rats. Coleen had to pack so we did not get to watch Torchwood.

Since no family members read this blog, other then KT I've been thinking about Holiday knitting, yes it's March and I'm thinking about Holiday knitting.

Holiday Knitting List O Fun

Dad Hats, 70th B-Day and Xmas Jacques Cousteau Hat
Double Layer Hat

Coleen Birthday in May FOB

Allison Gesundheit in pink/green camo yarn

NLF TBA, but must be cool

Madaline and Sue birthdays, knit shopping bags

Katie TBA and GRADUATION gift, which must be cool.

S&J Gesundheit in Red?

Tracy Thinking about another cool hat, maybe mitts.

Coleen TBA

Grandma Janette Gesundheit in Blue

Dad and Sue Gesundheit in Blue

Bill, Rambling Rows in Ruth Yarn, must start soon, big project

GM&D Gesundheit in Brown?

Teacher gifts? TBA

Dave Cobblestone

H Man Weasley Sweater

E, MUST finish Crumpets before she grows out of it!

That should get me started and keep me focused a bit.

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