Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cupcake Peddlers

It's been awhile since I posted anything Hedgehog related. I recently bought a print, The Cupcake Peddlers, for E from The Black Apple. I just love Emily Martin's portraits. I also purchased her Flora and Fauna postcard pack, which I intend to frame and hang in my office, as soon as I find the right frame solution.

E did not know about the purchase or even the existence of the work until after it arrived and I matted, framed and placed it in her room for her to find.

She occasionally asks for something to think about at bedtime to help her go to sleep. A few days before the print arrived I told her to think of selling cupcakes at the fair with a little hedgehog friend wearing a backpack of cupcakes. She thought the idea was cute and went to bed. We talked about the little hedgehog for a few nights then on to other things.

So the print arrives and I have it all ready and waiting, not telling her anything about the surprise. After lunch she emerges from her room with a shoe box filled with pink items from her room and her brown hedgehog doll from Gramps. She is selling cupcakes!

E loves this print. The plan is to actually hang it on the wall above her bed sometime soon.

A few days later I pulled up Emily's Etsy store and let E check out the other work. She found her print and one of my other favorites that I'm considering for above the washing machine in the basement called Laundry Day. We did not have a dryer when I was little. Mom would have me hang socks on a lower clothesline outside weather permitting. The laundry space is rather spartan and some color would be fun.

I did not accomplish much of anything for The Cure today. I'm a bit under the weather and very low energy. The plants should be arriving any time now and we have company coming this weekend. I'm excited to get the house in order for the weekend, so it's early bedtime for me.

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