Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave

Earth Day happens to be my Husband's Birthday. Companion Cube does not speak but would like you to remember that the Cake is a Lie.

H Man REALLY enjoyed his dinner, cake and ice cream. It was a two person job between getting H clean and the general vicinity of where he enjoyed his food. Oh it was a mess, a happy mess but still a mess.

Well I did not read comments, ok I read a few but not many and most were negative so I stopped, on AT today. Much more pleasant reading experience. I looked at pictures and liked what I liked and did not like what I did not like and did not miss the negative snark in the comments.

Cure news for today. I swapped out the dining and kitchen tables, again. Neither is the ideal size for either space. In an effort at using what we have I want to make them work. The desire to go to Ikea and buy new tables is strong, but I resist.

The current kitchen table has a laminate top that is quite nice but the edging needs replacing. I'd also like to paint the beat to h*ll trestle base dark purple like our front door. The dining room table is a plastic topped folding table, good for everyday use and easy to clean but not aesthetically pleasing at all. So I will continue to ponder the tables.

When we bought the house the master bedroom was a sick yellow, it was awful. There was a shoe shelf in the closet that we removed and placed in the garage. We painted the room, and closet dark brown, it's cave like, we enjoy the color.

I found this fun closet picture on AT today and wanted to have my shoes out where I could see them. I love the cork board and the fun little pictures. What a happy closet. I remembered the yellow shelf languishing in the garage. Dave put the shelf back in tonight after the kids were in bed. I had to unload the closet to get it in there, and Dave had to take off the closet doors. Between the two of us we got the shelves in and I reloaded the closet. It's amazing how fast and easy that can be when you have already culled.

I knew I had some newly open space in the downstairs hanging clothing storage so I shifted some of Dave's stuff downstairs, two coats and some shirts he does not wear. He culls his own clothes, I don't get rid of his things. Now we have Dave's suit's/suit coats, shirts he wears with his suits, ties, sweatshirts, every day shirts, and work uniforms all arranged. I have my collection of LBD's, brown clothing, summer dresses, then long sleeved tshirts, tshirts, shorts, denim, khaki and exercise wear. That's most but not all of the closet. My shoes are now all in a happy little row right about eye level.

Slowly things are coming together.


Just A Knit Wit said...

Please send some of your organizational abilities to me. Please. I'll give you a shiny nickel!

Sourire11 said...

That's an adorable picture of H! How fun and cute. And happy birthday to your husband!