Monday, April 14, 2008

Late to the Party

WTF where have I been? MagKnits is gone? I had no clue. All those fabulous patterns gone, they may still be hanging out in google cache. But wow. I know nothing about the site other then it was a cool source for some fab patterns.

MagKnits will be missed.


Sourire11 said...

yeah i was pretty shocked to discover that, too. I read like 3 posts of the Ravelry thread and decided I don't care about any of the drama. I"m bummed about the patterns, though! There were quite few I wanted to knit "someday"...

Craft Gossip (knitting/Felting) said...

I am the felting editor for Craft Gossip and I am holding giveaway and this one is amazing. You get everything to make a Noni purse, the pattern, yarn and purse frame. Take a look see they are darling a quickies to knit up. Tell all your friends too!
This will be our self-involved giveaway. Just leave a comment and tell why you must have this pattern and yarn and with what outfit you would carry one of these three bags and why you want it just for Me-Me-Me!
Linda Lanese