Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Cure Continues

I continue to work on the house and the Apartment Therapy 8 Step Cure. I'm in week three, or is it four now, I think it's three.

I ordered plants for the front of the house. Our house has been woefully landscape free for a few, ahem, years, now. The 'landscaping' aka 'total crap' that came with the house was removed fairly quickly. Oh it was bad. Yes nothing was better then the something that was there.

So after several years of indecision I went ahead and ordered plants. I'm actually a bit excited about the prospect of planting some color in the front of the house. E is very excited.

E is excited all around. We had Kindergarten Roundup today. She is so excited. She loves preschool and is so excited about taking the bus next year and going to Kindergarten. Please let her have a positive experience. Today went well. She seemed to enjoy herself and did not seem agitated or upset about anything. The kids each received a little straw cowboy hat, it was too cute.

Back to the house. I decluttered the mantel, and the bathroom tonight. I try to do something each night after the kids are in bed.

The basement is looking positively spacious. Dave moved two of his guitar hangers tonight. I have a huge open space in the laundry/storage area. The next step is some sort of curtains to camouflage the storage area.

The next big thing for the basement is to paint the floor. Purging so much stuff will help with the stuff shifting necessary to paint the entire floor.

The house continues to come together. I have the living room back in order, the new arrangement feels more open. The Outbox is now in the Dining Room, oh it's a mess. I continue to find things for the Outbox. I have about 5 banker boxes of paper that need shredded. I started shredding it myself and quickly realized it was a much larger job then I first thought. So I'm looking into local shredding places.

Knitting is on a back burner for now. I'm SO CLOSE to finishing the Recycled Bag Bag, the plastic bag strips are just not fun to knit, yarn is so much more fun and pleasant. I really want to finish Crumpets and bang out a Weasley Sweater for H sometime soon.

Let the Cure continue.

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