Thursday, April 10, 2008

OMG I Steeked

Busted out the old White tonight. I love my sewing machine. It's so 70's old school. I ran seams up the seam allowance sections and then I got out the scissors. OMG it was fun. It was liberating cutting up my knitting.

Look at the six happy little cube faces post steeking.

I gave them a quick, hot tubby in the kitchen sink then pined them up to dry. I have three pices of foam of varying thicknesses so I'm pretty much ready for assembly. Just need to wait for the cube faces to dry.

Decided to try out my new needle felting gear. Meh. Should have left well enough alone. Would have helped if I could have found black roving but I did not so I went with Rust. It's not fabulous but it is a first attempt. The up side is I have new tools and have had a first go at needle felting. I think the next time I needle felt I will felt everything a the same time. needle felt the design on then felt everything. We shall see. It's not fab but it's a start.

In AT news I finished wiping down all of the kitchen cabinets. I was able to declutter a bit more in the kitchen and the basement. I found a set of curtains in the basement that might work better for the office, but they are a bit short. Short curtains bug me. May add a bit of trim on the bottom. Dave and I are going to go through our to do/repair/etc list tomorrow night and work up a game plan for the weekend. The house is feeling so much lighter.


kim said...

Woo! You go!

Sourire11 said...

Congrats on the steek - and on all of the house stuff! That rules!